Punk rock drummer lays down tracks for Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale

A-list pop producer Rodney Jerkins has revealed that he brought Blink 182’s punk rock drummer Travis Barker into the studio to lay down some rocking drum tracks for the pop superstar’s new album Femme Fatale.

Jenkins tells MTV that he wanted an old school rock and roll vibe on one of two songs he recorded for the record.

‘I’m really excited,’ he tells the network. ‘I did two songs on her album, and one of the songs I did, I brought in Travis Barker, and it’s got this rock feel which is out of the box, out of my norm, and I think it’s out of her norm as well.’

Despite Spears’ 2008 meltdown, Jerkins has nothing but good things to say about the singer’s professionalism and commitment to her craft. ‘We had a great time making this record,’ Jerkins says. ‘She’s great. She gets it. She is a top-notch veteran pro at this now.’

Femme Fatale, Spears’ 7th studio album is out.